Pam’s dress

Pam, my friend from work, posted on her Facebook Wall “Does anyone know someone who can alter a dress?” Of course I had to respond with “Yes, me!” Pam had a lovely black dress but just wanted a few minor alterations to give it an update.  Have a look at the two photos to see if you can spot the difference, answers on a postcard. No not really, answers further down the post!

Pam's dress - start

Pam's dress - finish

Three simple steps to a refreshed dress

  • Shorten straps to improve fit
  • Remove frill from the centre
  • Replace old brooch with a beautiful new silver and pearl brooch

Voila – a new dress for Pam’s Saturday Night Dinner Dance.

Alterations and refreshment price dependant on project e-mail me on

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2 Responses to Pam’s dress

  1. pam lorne says:

    Wow !
    Thanks to Vicky it looks like a completely new dress
    I love it
    Thanks Vicky

  2. Hi there! tnx for the msg on IFB!
    you have to registed in Google connect to be able to follow this kinds of blog, or register on Blogloving to do the same :D

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