No more days to go!

So my last purchase has been made and I’m all ready for the next 365 days of abstinence. I was lured to River Island at dinner time by Laura, when I say lured of course I mean I skipped up to the centre of town to see what new items awaited me. As I had only been in there yesterday I didn’t hold out much hope for something to catch my eye, but what do you know a gorgeous gold tunic awaited me. It’s going to be perfect for Christmas Day and I’m even keeping the tags on so that I can hear the magical sound of the plastic tag snapping, a sound which won’t be featuring in my life for some time. . Corrine asked me whether this was really going to be my last purchase or would I be seen in a 24 hour supermarket at 23.55 shouting at the cashier to put through a dress. Well I think the snow and the fact that I’m in bed in my pyjamas should prevent me succumbing….but you never know!

Check in with me tomorrow to see the first outfit of my challenge!

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