Dressed for culture

I’m in the hub of Oldham’s Cultural Quarter, we are lucky enough to have a Gallery, Library and Life Long Learning Centre all in one place and right next to my place of work! In fact this is where I come to my sewing class. Today my photo was very kindly taken by guest photographer Lisa and what a great job she did too. We spent quite a while trying to work out what I am stood next to, it’s called Stranded and Lisa and I think it is very reminiscent of a turtle . Another reason for my pride in our cultural quarter is that Dad project managed all three of the developments. How great to look out my window at work and see the result of my Dad’s hard work and commitment to Oldham. However enough culture, as you know I’m a bigger fan of fashion, today I’m wearing a tan leather skirt spending it’s ninth year in my wardrobe. Can you spot the leopard print tights H&M and the bow hair band from River Island? Black poloneck from Dotty P’s and faux fur shrug hand made by Dirty Sue!

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