Dressed for the Abakhan sale

No clothes sales for me this year, which in some ways I’m finding quite liberating. No need to sharpen my elbows in preparation for beating others to the sale of the century and no need to join ridiculously long queues. However I still managed to get a little bit of fix as Dirty Sue and I got ourselves down to the Abakhan sale. Bought some brill fabrics for crafting and also some to run up a couple of dresses, the only allowed additions to my wardrobe. Before you all shout, “That’s cheating!” let me tell you it isn’t, it’s survival! Today I went all out on leopard print with a tunic from River Island, scarf from Oasis and the pièce de résistance – leopard print Converse! Faux fur shrug by Dirty Sue, who also acted as photographer today and blue skinny jeans from River Island. Leather satchel is Francesco Biasia. Here I am below testing out the snuggle factor of yet more fur for DS. Now I’m getting ready for a lovely evening of yet more food and drink with Melissa and Tony, luckily I’ve got quite a few elasticated waists in my wardrobe!

Snuggle factor

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2 Responses to Dressed for the Abakhan sale

  1. Donna says:

    OMG….you look fab, your hair is amazing, and am just loving the leopard print theme :-) can’t wait for the 31st!!! <3 xxx

  2. Dirty Sue says:

    What a photographer I am xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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