Dressed for a new dress

Shock, horror, probe!! Have I fallen off the wagon already?? No, fear not, instead I have been an incredibly busy little Sewabee. This morning I made this pinafore dress out of the material I bought at the Abakhan sale and then this afternoon I made a vintage rosette, as seen on Phil and Kirsty’s Perfect Christmas, see below for close up shot! I’ve matched my pinafore with the old favourite black poloneck from H&M and bright pink Wolford tights. My shoes are Thierry Rabotin and are gorgeous soft black patent, they are one of my favourite pairs of shoes, purchased from Shoon with/by Mum. Talking of Mum, today she dropped the bombshell that she will be joining me in my no spending challenge for the year, although she did confirm that she won’t be doing anything as ridiculous as wearing a different outfit every day. How brill though, I can expect more donations to the cause and someone to sympathise with me when the no shopping gets too much for a girl. . Hope you’re all continuing to enjoy the festive season x

Vintage rosette

PS Not sure why my photos keep ending up “side up down”, as Isla would say, when accessing them from Facebook. Will try and sort out :-)

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