Dressed for Scotland

You may wonder why I look like I’m sucking a lemon, it’s because Lyndon told me seconds before I exited the car that we were doing something highly illegal! Note to self, don’t have picture taken on the hard shoulder, as many will know I am very uncomfortable with illegal behaviour. Anyway daring stunts aside we are now settled Chez Leslie and the plan is not to plan, the plan is also to indulge in a couple of beverages. It was Miller time when we arrived and Strega time is planned for after dinner….woo hoo! Today I’m wearing a tartan shirt from Next as an ode to the homeland. Denim skirt, red cardigan and leopard print shoes all from Top Shop. I’ll see you all tomorrow for Hogmanay and till then I’ll just keep repeating….Don’t peak too early….Don’t peak too early….Don’t peak too early…!!!

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  1. janette butterworth says:

    *˛°.˛*.˛°˛.*★* ♥ HAPPY ♥ *★* 。* ♥
    ˛. _██_*.。*./ ♥ \ .˛* .˛。.˛.*.★*NEW YEAR!! *★ 。*
    ˛. (´• ̮•)*.。*/♫.♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____. ♥ 2011 ♥ ˛* ˛*
    .°( . • . ) ˛°./• ‘♫ ‘ •\.˛*./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛* ˛. *。
    .*(…’•’.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬╬*˚♥ ♥ ♥

    count that as another quid hum xxx

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