Dressed for Hogmanay….old school stylee

In my humble opinion this dress from Warehouse was made for Hogmanay and we are going to rock it old school stylee! As you can see the buffet is in the process of being put out and includes the old favourites of vol-au-vents and cheese and pineapple. You may also be able to spot the cake I decorated on the buffet table. The port is in the pitcher ready for the blue WKD to be added and it’s gonna be an all timer the night! I hope that however you are spending your night you have a great evening and wish you health and happiness for 2011 xx

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2 Responses to Dressed for Hogmanay….old school stylee

  1. carol henry says:

    hey vick, just had to say congratulations on your month of abstenance already past and well done on the cheerful blogs, keep it up darling!! CX

  2. Vicky says:

    Thanks Carol, keep checking in on me xxx

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