Dressed for a bad barnet

The barnet’s looking a bit wild and wayward today but no fear I’m having it done tomorrow, I can’t wait. Suddenly thought where does the word barnet come from so I just googled it and it’s Cockney rhyming slang – Barnet Fair = Hair. I bet you all knew that didn’t you? Anyway I’m taking the attention away from the hair with the pot shot, check out that minced beef casserole with mustard scones….yum, yum. It was gorgeous, but no matter how gorgeous Lyndon and I thought it was Isla still turned her nose up at it. My outfit is pretty relaxed today, I just wanted to be comfy to be honest. Jeans and poloneck from Dorothy Perkins.

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One Response to Dressed for a bad barnet

  1. janette butterworth says:

    Those chicken dippers look good on your feet but the battle of waterloo you have in your hands looks bloody Robin Hood. Having said that I’m Hank Marvin so i could eat a sweaty Teddington Lock. anyway i have just poured myself i nice Philharmonic and put my plates of meat up ready to watch the Liza Minneli.

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