Dressed for The Art of Tea

Here I am in the second hand book shop at the back of The Art of Tea, a lovely little cafe in Didsbury. I went over to see Warbs, a friend who I used to work with, and we had a great time catching up over a salad and a coffee. “Salad!!!”, I hear you cry, don’t worry it’s only so I can eat more tonight ;-) I also hunted out a great sewing book which I’m going to delve into tonight, do Saturday nights get any more exciting? I’ve just finished a new dribble bandana as a present for Louis on his Christening Day tomorrow. It’s a cotton version for his impending trip to Oz, I’ll post it in the crafting section in a moment. In the back of the bookshop I’m wearing a navy tunic from Gap, which was another great find from the Children in Need Frock Swap. Blue leggings from River Island and although you can’t see them I’ve got my navy Office boots on. My scarf was bought in France just over four years ago. Have a good evening folks!

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