Yee Ha Hoody

Yee Ha Hoody

Check out this Yee Ha Hoody, how adorable is it? It’s actually making me want to have a little boy just so I can dress him in it. This cosy hoody is now in the posession of one really cute young man, Isaac, and I can tell you he looks great in it. I’ve already made one for Isla in Russian Doll and Cat fleece, I’ll post a picture later today so you can check it out. I can also source other patterned fleece material so just send me a message on to discuss your individual requirements.

Hoodies   price £15
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2 Responses to Yee Ha Hoody

  1. Fran Maouati says:

    Isaac loves his new hoody so much! He is now on day 2 of wearing it and is showing no signs of wanting to take it off. It’s so cosy and cute, a big thank you from us!

  2. Vicky says:

    It’s a pleasure Fran, that boy’s modelling skills are second to none! xxx

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