Dressed for the diggers moving in

So this is the gorgeous view from my house, hands up who wants an Academy built next to their house!! From what I’ve seen of the plans this is going to be one mother of a school and hopefully we’ll be able to keep you all updated as the building work progresses over the year. Think of me as your Kevin McCloud?!!? Today I’m wearing the dress I made at Christmas but with a green poloneck from Matalan, black leggings M&S and Fly Boots. My hooded cardigan is from M&S and was a staple of my pregnancy wardrobe. I have been inspired regarding tomorrow’s outfit by the rather lovely Louise from Catwalk Creative Vintage http://catwalkthreads.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/are-you-going-green/ and am going to attempt to dress in all green tomorrow as “Friday is the day of Green”. At the moment I’m just struggling with green trousers/skirt, will have to give it some thought.

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2 Responses to Dressed for the diggers moving in

  1. What a great photo! But the diggers! They must be so loud – and orange! :(

    Loving the green outfit you’ve chosen today. I’m delighted to offer a little colour inspiration. Keep it going girl! Have a fab weekend. Hugs! L xxx

  2. Vicky says:

    Luckily we’re out in the day so haven’t heard much but a little bit of an eye sore to be sure! Wait till you see the greens in todays outfit, will post later xxx

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