Dressed for coffee with Nyree

Today was another long lunch but this time with Nyree, I haven’t seen her for a while so we had lots to catch up and she was giving me some great marketing tips for my fundraising. Unfortunately she also gave me major jealousy pangs when I saw her dress, see below, I’ve even been on the website to investigate and that was not a good idea as I saw about ten other dresses that I wanted. Curse you Ms Hood! Nyree also took my photo outside Naked Bean, full marks go to the man in the background who must have been thinking what the hell are you doing having your photo taken here, don’t you get out much? Today I’m wearing grey sasperella trousers which it took me eighteen months to shorten, not a great record for a seamstress! Navy top from New Look and blue cardigan from Topshop. I made the neck ring last night to brighten up the outfit. My Liz Earle products have arrived today so I’m going to take great delight in taking my make up off tonight, that should numb the pangs of envy :-)

Ladies Polka Dot Peter Pan Dress - Peacocks

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  1. The Lord says:

    Nice on kid! x

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