Dressed for Dirty Sue’s Sewing Room

As it’s half term and there’s no sewing class this week I went up to Dirty Sue’s for a sewing session. I needed to finish my exhibition piece and knew I could count on Sue for artistic advice. Here I am in Dirty Sue’s sewing room with her industrial machines, not for the faint hearted as I found out when I had a go on one! I’m wearing a cream tunic top and blue skinny jeans from River Island. Warehouse leopard print scarf and boots from Faith. I’m also modelling my fascinator hair band, but not nearly as well as Ashley – check out my transforming page for the full details. I’m very tired now and am sat in bed writing my blog, soon to check in at the land of nod.

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2 Responses to Dressed for Dirty Sue’s Sewing Room

  1. Dirty Sue says:

    OMG what a mess my sewing room is xx

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