Exhibition piece

Here’s the answer guys, this is my exhibition piece which I’ll be dropping off with Alia tomorrow morning. The gorgeous Ashleigh was roped into modelling it as she called at Sue’s just before I left. The idea behind the piece is that it uses recycled materials so let me tell you what it’s made up of:

Vintage Rosette made from leather coat

Old Alice Band covered in ASOS leopard print top from Cancer Research Charity Shop

Cream Satin fabric yo-yo made from left over material from Dirty Sue

Gold mesh purchased from fabric shop

Animal print button handmade by Melissa of Garden of Beaden www.gardenofbeaden.co.uk

I’m pretty pleased with the result, why not let me know what you think?

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One Response to Exhibition piece

  1. Dirty Sue says:

    Gorgeous darling u r so clever.xxxxxxxxxxxx

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