Dressed for Voluntary Action Oldham

Here I am at Voluntary Action Oldham where Sian and Alia work, I called in this morning to drop my hairband in with Alia. She loved it so much she popped it on for us to have our photo taken and like any self respecting girl she also applied a layer of lip gloss. It was great to meet Alia as I’d only chatted with her over e-mail, I have to say she is as tall and glamorous in the flesh as she is in the photo. I’m wearing the dress that I made a couple of weeks ago and have matched it with teal leggings from F&F and my brown leather coat from Warehouse, which I got for my Birthday a couple of years ago. My beads are from Dorothy Perkins purchased many years ago. I’m just about to pop upstairs and retouch my make-up as I’m out for a meal with Vicki tonight. I’ve been friends with Vicki since I was a child, we grew up on the same street and even share the same birth date. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this beautiful day and made the most of it, it’s certainly lifted my spirits leaving work in the light and seeing the sun :-)

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