Dressed for the Leeds Half Marathon

Here’s Princess White and I all ready for the off just before the start of the half marathon. This is the third time I’ve done the Leeds Half Marathon, I first did it in 2009 to raise money for Christies when my Dad was diagnosed. That year I had been meant to do it with Axie but she was unavailable at the last minute so my brother Al stepped in. As Al hadn’t done any running before and only decided to do the run a couple of weeks before, I said to Mum, if Al can’t hack it I’m just going to leave him behind. As we lined up at the start and Al set off into the distance that was the last I saw of him and he finished a good twenty minutes before me. Missed you this year Al!! This is the pair of us after 2009′s race.

This year I haven’t run for charity but perhaps some of you would like to donate to the cause to congratulate me on finishing thirteen miles in 2 hours, 11 minutes and 59 seconds. See below for the post race picture.

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2 Responses to Dressed for the Leeds Half Marathon

  1. Axie Hemingway says:

    Well done Vik! Another strong running performance – it’s great that you keep it up alongside working, being a Mum, making all your marvellous creations and everything else. But aren’t you going to tell us about your outfit? People might be interested in the pros and cons of technical running wear, any top recommendations and whether it’s worth paying the extra for the posh sport brands or not! xxx

    • Vicky says:

      I can’t believe I forgot to say what I was wearing. I think I will be dressed for an omission tomorrow and will do it in retrospect x

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