Introducing….Sock Friends by Ev K Kreations

Apryl is the creative force behind Ev K Kreations and she specialises in making sock monkeys…I’ve picked out a few cute ones but I was spoilt for choice. Why not take a look at her Facebook page for the full range or better still leap out of your beds on Sunday and get down to Cherry Events Craft Fair. They would make an ideal present (I’m trying to steer clear of mentioning Christmas!!) for the little people in your life.

Apryl also does personalised sock monkeys…

I also couldn’t resist picking a photo of one of my obsessions, please bring some of these on Sunday Apryl I want one! x

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2 Responses to Introducing….Sock Friends by Ev K Kreations

  1. Axie says:

    I love sock monkeys! You can point my Mum in that direction at the fair…. :-)

  2. Axie says:

    Just thought I should mention that the gorgeous rainbow stripey little fella featured here is now the Chief Monster-Scarer for my friend’s baby, Cosmo. I figured a sock monster would be highly effective protection against other, meaner, sorts of monsters and I’m sure he’ll do a good job.

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