Introducing…Madam Mod Makes

Madam Mod Makes is the alter-ego creation of Cara, a maker, artist, mother, wanabee 1950s Pin-Up, plastic-scouser and Vintage Vespa fanatic. I try to incorporate all these elements into everthing I make, inspired by the past, present, trying to create something that will live on into the future. My website presents a range of Jewellery & Gifts inspired by vintage design and imagery. I use a range of materials and methods to create this pieces which strike a balance between Vintage & Contemporary Jewellery Design. Originally trained as a Fine Artist and now a self-trained crafter & jewellery maker, creating unique statement art to wear. Madam Mod Makes provides customers with a choice to purchase a unique handmade piece of jewellery from the websites pages or alternatively create a bespoke piece, personally made your you and incorporating your ideas and personality.

Melissa and I met Cara AKA Madam Mod Makes at Levenshulme Inspire Market Fairs and she is sooo lovely, we’re really looking forward to catching up with her. Check out a couple of her gorgeous items of jewellery below…

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