Introducing…Woodchip Boutique

Meet the gorgeous girls Donna and Kim, the partnership that makes up Woodchip Boutique.

I first saw Woodchip Boutique at Vintage Village last month and I fell in love with their products. Once my challenge is over I will become a regular customer of Donna and Kim’s and that’s a promise. I know their gorgeous range of bags, purses and vintage clothing will have you queuing up for tomorrow’s Cherry Events Craft Fair Here’s more about their brilliant business in their own words…

Kim and I started the business just over 7 years ago, we made clothes for ourselves and developed the hobby into a business (Isaac was 6 months old so it fitted in well around him and Kim had just lost her job.) The business started off as screen printed dresses with icons such as twiggy and bridgette bardot, we would then hand finish and customise and sell to independent shops in Manchester and Preston. This was a success so we decided to ‘test the market’ and began trading at the fashion market each saturday nearly 6 years ago. By then we had started experimenting by making handbags out of recycled leather and vintage fabric, and sold these alongside clothes and vintage scarves and beads.
Over the years we have built up a strong customer base and developed our handbag range as well as our reworked and handmade vintage dresses. Each product we sell is hand selected, unique and where possible recycled leather and fabric is used as we like to be ethical.
We called ourselves woodchip because of the retro kitch seen in all old houses woodchip wallpaper!

We take inspiration from the colour and shape of the leather and often look to nature and the seasons for different types of flowers and thier colours, we create pieces that WE find beautiful, what WE would want to wear. Our most popular items are pretty dresses small flower purses and leather bow bags.

Woodchip customers are very varied….from 6 year old girls who want to be princesses to students with a love of vintage to women of every age who want something hand crafted and bespoke. When you walk into woodchip boutique you see the rails are full of one off reworked vintage pieces, when one is gone its gone so our customer knows when she gets dressed up in woodchip she wont be stood next to someone else wearing an identical dress.

 The same applies to our bags, they have our distinct style but are all handmade and unique from each other.

We can also offer a bespoke design service where you can choose a bag in any colour size style and design you desire. Our prices are also very reasonable and dresses can be altered to fit for no extra charge.

If this is up your street, and how could it not be, get yourselves down to Uppermill Civic Hall tomorrow 11-4. See you there Donna x

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