Dressed for Nibbles

Yesterday the Sowerby household had very exciting news; the class cuddly toy, Nibbles, was coming to stay with us for the weekend. Nibbles comes with his own diary and there begins the pressure to out do the previous weekend’s activities….or is that just me? Nibbles has had a fun packed day going to the library, swimming and baking chocolate orange cookies. However I was very relieved that Nibbles wasn’t writing his own diary as last night’s entry may have read something like this, “Isla’s Mummy came home drunk and woke me up!” Tomorrow he’s off to the climbing wall and Vintage Village then I’ve got to write up his diary.

I’m wearing TU PJ Harveys from Sainsbobs and a Per Una dressing gown from M&S.

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4 Responses to Dressed for Nibbles

  1. It’s the most excitement Nibbles has had all year! He’s loving it!

    Are they olives I can see in front of Isla? They’re Martha’s favourite too! These kiddies have such sophisticated tastes. I didn’t know what an olive looked like until I was 20!!! :)

  2. Vicky says:

    Yes they sure are, they’re her favourite! Funny isn’t it what sophisticates they are xx

  3. Dotty says:

    Sounds like Nibbles is having a great weekend! Wise to write the diary for him tho’. When we had Herbert the hedgehog for the weekend a few weeks ago, he omitted to report that Sam nearly burnt his bottom by sitting him on the platewarmer in an Indian restaurant!!
    I’m really hungry and those pizzas look really yummy!

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