Dressed for discovering new blogs

Over the weekend I indulged in a great blog, I’ve recently discovered Cupcake Clothes and I’m a big fan. Georgina shares with us her gorgeous outfits, crafts, her dogs and cute&pretty things. Isla and I love Georgina’s pink hair too, I’m quite tempted to go pink! What’s great about discovering new blogs is it can take you on a journey that gives you ideas and inspirations for your own style, and all without leaving the sofa! From Georgina’s blog I found Scathingly Brilliant and Kate’s style and artistic projects are fab, she also has pink hair. I am a particular fan of her tights, as you know I love a good pair of brightly coloured tights, and thanks to Kate I have now found a place to indulge myself post December 1st. We Love Colours stock fifty one different colours of tights and these are the ones that are featuring on my wish list; sky blue, orange, mint green. What do you think? Thanks girls for the inspiration :-) xxx

I’m wearing H&M top, Dotty P jeans and Topshop cardigan. My socks were a pressie from Lorna :-)

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2 Responses to Dressed for discovering new blogs

  1. Dotty says:

    Great blogs and stylish , gorgeous girls! Loving the pink hair, but then I would, wouldn’t I? I bet you’ll have a whole rainbow of tights after 1st Dec!

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