Dressed for four grand!

Here I am looking all nonchalant, as if I haven’t just broken the £4,000 barrier when in my head I’m shouting, “WOO HOO I’VE BROKEN THE £4,000 BARRIER!!!” Thanks to all the people who’ve sponsored me so far and if you haven’t yet why not get yourself over to my Justgiving site and donate? Today I’m wearing Office boots, F&F leggings from Tesco and a Zara denim skirt. My cardigan is Topshop and scarf is from TU Sainsbobs.

I’m going to have a go at making a turban headband tonight, check in tomorrow to see the results :-)

Fundraising total £4,000.50 – thanks to Danny and Axie xx

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7 Responses to Dressed for four grand!

  1. Congratulations Vicky! You must be delighted. Well done! :)

  2. janette butterworth says:

    well done vicky you more than deserve it after what you have done for the past 12 months. to wear a different outfit every day takes some imagination. i hope the funds will come flooding in when you complete your challenge. well done:)

  3. Dotty says:

    Well done! That is marvellous!!

  4. Axie says:

    Awesome news – and awesome outfit! :-)

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