Dressed for another long day

I’ve had another long day so I’m feeling quite tired, what better way to cheer myself up than to tell you all about the plans for my Frock Swap. As you know the tickets are £10 and you can get all the instructions for how a  Frock swap works in the link. You can swap any item of clothing or accessory as long as the quality is good, or if you don’t feel like swapping just come and celebrate the end of my challenge with me. We’ve got a range of stalls on the night and many of them you’ll recognise from our Cherry Events Craft Fair back in September.

Woodchip Boutique will be there with their fabulous vintage clothing and leather goods and I for one can’t wait to make some purchases. My gorgeous friend Dirty Sue will be selling her fab faux fur and Kathryn of Long Neck Scarves will be selling the sumptuous scarves hand knitted out of 100% Merino Wool. I’ve already ordered my mulberry cowl ready for the end of my challenge. Bev and Cheryl will be setting the room a sparkle with their bespoke jewellery range and let’s face it, it wouldn’t be my party if there wasn’t cupcakes provided by lovely Emmylou of Lily Bud Cupcakes. Click on the links to see my blogs about these great crafters. On Wednesday I added another stall to the party in the form of Angela of Lily Sue Lingerie. So bring some spends with you, you could pick up a Christmas present or better still a treat for yourself.

There’ll be a bar and music throughout the night and we may even be treated to the lovely Annie Luv singing some live numbers later on. I am getting really excited now folks and can’t wait to celebrate with you all, let me know whether you’d like a ticket.

You’ll never guess what I’m doing the day after my frock swap……shopping!!!!!!!

Today I’m wearing Topshop jeans, converse trainers and jumper hand knitted by Mum. Turban headscarf Sewabee…..bags models own!

Fundraising total £4,040.34 – thanks to Helen x

Why not make a donation at justgiving to push me nearer the £5,000 mark x

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5 Responses to Dressed for another long day

  1. Dirty Sue says:

    So excited for this bless you so proud of what you have done darling love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. carol says:

    turban made in the last couple of days?

    • carol says:

      Sorry I got confused with the days.. is it the same turban as the day your were dressed for smelling flowers? Lovely they were too!! CX

  3. Axie says:

    awesome, awesome jumper – you can pull it off in a way I don’t think many of us could. Go Girlfriend!

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