Dressed for The Black Ladd

We’ve been for tea at The Black Ladd tonight and I had a burger with all the trimmings, I’m feeling very full now! Last night I went to watch Annie Luv at the Blue Tiffin Lounge bar and she was fab! Annie has a great voice and is really funny and entertaining, what’s even better is that she has agreed to compere and sing at the Frock Swap….I’m very excited! I know she’ll help me make it a real fun evening for you all and set the mood for a good party after the swap is over.

This afternoon I had a two hour kip on the sofa, it was absolute bliss…bit of Boardwalk Empire now and then bed ready for the week ahead. How are you guys? What have you been up to this weekend? x

Remember you can donate at justgiving, any small amount gratefully received!

PS Forgot to tell you what I’m wearing, M&S Limited Collection top, Carvela boots and shrug by Dirty Sue.

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4 Responses to Dressed for The Black Ladd

  1. Dotty says:

    Glad you had a nice tea! Love the haircut, btw. We’ve had quite a festive weekend with an artisan fair in Wilmslow yesterday and Mr Dotty and I ventured into Manchester’s Christmas markets today. Got a few pressies and ate warm waffles with syrup and cream:D

  2. Alex Ford says:

    And you are wearing??!!

  3. carol says:

    Went down to CAT (centre for Alternative Technology) in Wales, went early to spend a bit of time with a friend from glasgow who is volunteering on the gardens down there! Was really lovely to get away quite busy day on Friday as volunteers and staff came down on the thursday and we came back on Saturday via the beach which was lovely but I think I was appreciating the mountains there more!! Felt a bit rubbish on the Sunday but went for a walk with my freind and a couple of other folks got some fresh air had a picnic by the sea loch.. We went passed and stopped at the Rest and Be Thankful that we stopped at one time when you came to vist! Your doing great on your challenge well done honey. I’m guessing you are aware of the Buy nothing day on Saturday? We are doing a make new things fae auld things unfortunately my sister can’t make it I should have asked you with you crafty skills but bit late now, thought long way to come.. good luck with the rest of the challenge and I think that the christmas grumps is a fair thing to be feeling! Crafty christmas is the way forward!! Love you lots hopefully catch you soon! CX

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