Dressed for being a grump

Tonight’s post comes with a warning, if you’re loving the Christmas build up starting mid way through November then tune out now. Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook will know I’ve got a real grump on and it’s mainly Christmas related. While I appreciate a lot of my Christmas grumpiness is down to the fact that there will be no Pop Ford buffet on Christmas Eve, no Twas the Night Before Christmas being read by Dad, no MCing of Christmas present opening by him, I also think it’s a perfectly natural reaction to want to punch the TV screen when I see the “Buble” (Michael that is) advertising his Christmas album on November 21st. So how should I get back on track from this grumpiness? Why not go to the pub, oh no that’s right they’ve got all their Christmas decorations up too! The only thing that will get me through this Christmas is the thought of Isla’s excitement, although I have to say when she picked The Snowman as her bedtime story tonight because it’s, “nearly Christmas” I had to fight every fibre of my being in order to smile sweetly and say, “of course darling!” So if you see someone being carted off by the police dragging a Father Christmas by his beard over the next couple of weeks, rest assured it will be me!

My grumpster outfit is Stephen Y skirt, H&M blouse over a New Look top. Shoes by Carvela.

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2 Responses to Dressed for being a grump

  1. Dotty says:

    LOL, Honey! Just picturing you bashing an elf over the head with a Christmas tree branch!! I’m with you on that-I hate hearing Christmas songs in shops in November-how can the staff stand it??? I hate fighting crowds stuffing their trolleys with crackers when I just want to buy tonight’s tea. And Mr Dotty is officially Mr Scrooge (in spite of secretly enjoying the Christmas market yesterday..heehee!) Plus you have got a legitimate reason to feel ambivalent about it this year

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