Dressed in the coolest outfit ever?

OK so I didn’t quite manage a bright day outfit but I think I’ve made up for it in my nightwear!! This is what is known in the Sowerby household as my “raving coat” or my “Snoop Doggy Dog coat” from H&M, the little emblems are Snoopy by the way. I’ve teamed it, rather tastefully I think, with F&F pyjama bottoms and Sponge Bob socks.

This morning I went into Isla’s school and did a craft session with her class, I made masks with twenty nine four year olds and came out of the class drenched in PVA glue and glitter. It was awesome though!

I’m just sat on the settee now with a hot water bottle thinking about the fact that this time next week I’ll be with my friends and laden with shopping bags. Woo hoo!!!!

Fundraising total £4,160 – thanks to Millie xx

Why not donate at justgiving? x

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2 Responses to Dressed in the coolest outfit ever?

  1. The colours certainly ‘pop’ and the socks are genius! Not long to go now. I shall send off your top next week. L xxx :)

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