Dressed for the last day of my challenge

Well I’ve done it guys, this is the last day of my challenge and what better place to have my photo taken than in the sewing room. I couldn’t have got through this year’s challenge without the concession of making my own clothes and this room stands in the Lifelong Learning Centre which is just part of my Dad’s legacy and hard work for the town.

I’ve been asked many times this year what I’ve learnt from my year of abstinence and much of it has been related to clothes and how to make the most of what’s in your wardrobe. However I think the main thing I’ve learnt is that the more you give of yourself the more you get back and I’d like to thank everyone for their support, generosity and kindness.

I am so excited for the next two days, what a perfect way to end the year – great company, clothes, cake, drink and shopping!! See you all there x

My last outfit of the challenge is Gap trousers (from the last frock swap), Cardigan by Butterfly, H&M top and Rocket Dog boots.

Fundraising total £4,554 – thanks to Lyndon, Janette, Rowena, Kerry and Lola xxxxx

If you’ve enjoyed my daily posts and outfits why not donate at justgiving x

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5 Responses to Dressed for the last day of my challenge

  1. Axie says:

    Whoo-hoo! You’ve made it! Well done, Vik, it’s been amazing following your year and I’m really proud of what you’ve achieved xxx

  2. chris hoyle says:

    Hi vicky,I would like if I may to offer my personal congratulations to you on your successful year and raising so much money to support oldham cancer support centre.I hope you have a wonderfull evening tonight.as a cancer patient myself,I simply want to say Thank You. Regards Chris Hoyle.

  3. Dotty says:

    Yay Vicky!!! Well done! You have done brilliantly and it has been wonderful seeing your inventiveness with your outfits. Hope you have a fantastic, fun evening tonight and enjoy your shopping spree! Hope there will still be plenty of blogging to come:)

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