Dressed for a walk in the snow

Yesterday I spent the afternoon walking in the snow and building a snowman with Lyndon and Isla. I really enjoy the snow when I don’t have to go anywhere, other than that it’s a blooming nightmare! This photo is taken at Strinesdale Reservoir, you wouldn’t think it was just five minutes away from a main road. It’s simply wonderful to have such lovely scenery on our doorstep. We finished the afternoon off with a lovely roast dinner and good banter up at The Printers Arms. I’m wrapped up snug as a bug in a gorgeous navy fur coat, made by Dirty Sue and given to me for Christmas. Love you Sue!! I feel like Sully from Monsters Inc when I wear it as the fur moves in the breeze :-)  Cherry wellies from Matalan, leopard print scarf Warehouse and navy leather gloves, both Mum’s. My leopard print tank top just peeping out is Kookai. Knitted hair band bought at Bury Grammar School Craft Fair last year.

February 2nd Lunch at the Art Gallery with Chris P. Black ‘Planet’ trousers, pink cashmere slash-neck sweater, grey fleece, leopard print scarf and gloves. Very wet and windy! Had  good look round Gallery, then the Library. I joined the Library – I’ve been meaning to for some time.

I am more than what you see; I am a mother

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4 Responses to Dressed for a walk in the snow

  1. Dotty says:

    OMG your coat is fabulous- you and Isla look lovely! You seem to have had more snow than we did here. Ours is all gone now

  2. Dirty Sue says:

    Aw darling you look fab love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Vicky says:

      Thanks sweetie, how good does the coat look?? I love it so much, thanks for being such a lovely friend, love you too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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