Dressed for lethargy

I’ve been so lethargic, and not really taking an interest in much, not even my blog :-( However today has been a productive day in work and I’m feeling a little better so I thought I’d share a couple of recent photos with you, let you know what I’ve been up to and get up to date with Mum’s posts.

Here I am at Izzie’s Christening the other Sunday, I’m looking slightly vacant but the outfit’s pretty cool. The lips dress is from River Island, grey suede shoe boots from Topshop and my hat was bought years ago in the sale at Kendals. Pashmina and bag are from Mum’s vast collection. It was a fab day with much merriment and cheer.

It’s been an exciting time at sewing, our tutor Carol resigned at Christmas and so my sewing chums and I have formed a break away group and followed her to Patchwork Parade. This is me in the new sewing room in my River Island cardigan and leggings teamed with Gap tunic that used to be Kerry’s and came to me via a Frock Swap at work. Our new home is great and I can’t wait to go to class tomorrow and finish off a dress that I’ve been working on for Spring/Summer.

So folks I promise to post a bit more frequently over the coming months and stop being a miserable sew and sew!!!

February 7th Nick and I went to Bury to look at the new shopping centre ‘The Rock’. A very windy day, so wore jeans (blue), pink cashmere v-neck sweater with pink three quarter sleeve t-shirt, pink duffle coat and scarf. ‘The Rock’ is not a covered shopping centre, so very cold. We went in M&S, no green bags again! It was raining as we left M&S after a light lunch. We had a look round Debenhams and then came home.

February 8th Went into Oldham with Olga. A much nicer day – bright and dry, not much wind. Wore black jeans, pink cashmere v-neck, pink quilted coat and ‘bobbly’ scarf. ‘Pure’ catalogue arrived today. Some serious temptations!

February 14th 41st wedding anniversary! Hadn’t planned to go anywhere, just to have a meal at home. Popped champagne cork about 7pm and had a very enjoyable meal. Had to ‘dress for dinner’, of course, so wore black jeans, pink cowl-neck top – dressed it up with silver drop earrings.

February 19th Unexpected trip* to John Lewis with Vicky and Isla. Wore black jeans, slash-neck top in pink, burgundy boucle jacket and spotty scarf. Didn’t look bad as had hair done in morning. Spoiled whole effect by measuring my length on forecourt right outside John Lewis! Very painful as floor very hard. Isla inadvertently got under my feet and down I went like a ton of bricks**.

* Unintentional pun!

** Turned out I’d cracked a rib!

February 21st Raining!! Lunch with Sue G in Manchester. Fortunately , in view of the weather, Nick took me in to Manchester. I wore black wool trousers (Planet), black polo-neck, black and white ‘swing’ jacket and long black gloves. Took pink Macy’s bag. Called in M&S after lunch at Royal Exchange. Still didn’t see anything to spend my voucher on. However, chose a tie for Lyndon’s birthday and it gained seal of approval from Nick.


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  1. Dotty says:

    Have been wondering how you were honey. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling too good, but understandable. You look fantastic- you do your family proud! Take it as it comes- I hope there are more good ones coming soon :)

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