Mum and Dad/Grandma and Grandad

OK folks I’m hoping this will work, as my lap top has been playing silly beggars! The exciting news is that I’m typing this on my i Pad!!! So here goes….

I’ve been wanting to share a couple of photos with you for a while. The one below is a photo of my Mum and Dad taken in 1971 I think. It was taken at Glynys and David’s wedding and they kindly gave me and Al a copy. Mum is wearing her own wedding dress, creatively cut down into a mini in true 70′s style. I love that they look like they’re sharing a joke :-)

The second photo is a drawing that Isla did of her Grandma and Grandad. I think it’s so cute, I’m not sure Mum would approve of her hair do though!! I’m going to get it framed I think x

If this works I’ll be back on track and will be posting much more regularly. Hope you’re all doing well xxx

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2 Responses to Mum and Dad/Grandma and Grandad

  1. Dotty says:

    So glad to see you back here- hope you are doing Ok! Love Isla’s picture- she is a real budding artist:)

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