My story….

This is my new Story Bracelet by Kranz and Ziegler, just like other charm bracelets you can buy a variety of different charms but I love the fact that it is on this lovely leather plait. You can get all different types and colours of bracelet and layer them up too, as with any good concept the possibilities are endless but all result in spending too much money. So this is where I’ve had my idea, as I mentioned yesterday I’ve made the decision to give up smoking, mainly for health it has to be said, but the price increase via the budget didn’t do anything to discourage me from my goal. I worked out that if I smoked ten a day it would cost me £100 a month….ridiculous hey? So instead of wasting my money on something that’s so bad for me I’m going to use the money I save to buy new charms for my bracelet. I think it will be quite motivating to have a visual image of my abstinence and especially useful on nights out when I find it particularly difficult to keep my resolve. I also thought I’d share my progress on my blog….via the bracelet….I figure it’s a bit like the old public weigh in, the will to succeed is greater when people are watching ;-)

I’ll leave you with a few of Mum’s posts….

March 15th…..Lunch at White Hart with Nick. So glad he’s feeling well enough to go. Wore grey trousers with pink stripe, grey jumper, pink quilted coat and scarf, pink gloves. Pink pearls and ear-rings. It was a lovely spring – like day, and the food was delicious as usual.

March 20th…..Church followed by coffee at Housing Units with Liz. (Actually we had tea!) Cold and wet, so I wore grey trousers with pink stripe, grey jumper and grey fleece with fur collar. Leopard print scarf and gloves.

March 21st…..Spring! And a very pleasant day – dry, sunny and not too cold especially in Manchester where I went to do some shopping for Isla’s Birthday.
Finally succumbed to a purchase! One of the things I promised myself on retirement (before I made my ‘pledge’) was a pair of Converse trainers. Because of the ‘pledge’ I have resisted thus far. However a sale at ‘Office’ lured me in and I bought a fab checked pair for £20. Therefore, I owe the charity that amount.
Met Sean for a coffee at Java. Had a good chat and catch up. Even tho’ it was a nice day (comparatively), I still wore my wool bouclé jacket and spotty scarf just in case.

March 24th….Royal Exchange with Vik to see ‘Private Lives’. Nightmare parking so had a long walk to theatre. Fortunately, very balmy night. I wore brown trousers, leather jacket, cream Artigiano top, leopard print scarf and gloves. Also, brown shell necklace that Freda bought me for my 60th. Felt very smart and just right for the weather. First wearing of Thierry Rabotin suède boots. Great, and comfortable in spite of long walk to and from car. Play excellent: Imogen Stubbs played Amanda. She was excellent, rest of cast also very good – especially Elyot. Still a very funny play.

I remember vividly how lovely Mum looked and what a lovely evening we had :-) x

March 25th…..Lunch at ‘The Three Crowns’ with Sarah. Another beautiful spring-like day. Wore same outfit as last night, but didn’t need scarf and gloves. Didn’t wear boots, so chose brown suède shoes instead. Had a delicious lunch and a good ‘catch-up’.

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  1. adele geras says:

    This has brought tears to my eyes, Vicky! I can just see your mum in all those lovely clothes….we had a couple of very nice girly lunches at the Royal Exchange discussing fashion, clothes, make up etc. And then books. Susan is much missed …Lovely that you can write about her here and also quote her!

  2. Dotty says:

    Great idea- I think it will really help to spur you on and you will be able to see your progress. Keep it up!

  3. LeonaM says:

    Love your blog ..I’m doing a not buying any new clothes year too this year. And sharing my crafty exploits with friends on FB so they can have a go too. Your reasons a lot more important and inspiring than mine!
    Great work ..keep it up!

    • Vicky says:

      Hi Leona, Thanks for checking in on me!! I’ve checked out your blog and love it too, I love what you’ve done with your cardigan and dress it looks great. Keep checking in on me and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your posts xxxx

  4. Glyn says:

    Hello there Vicky – I can hear your Mum’s expressions in so many of her diary notes and can still hear her saying ,”I haven’t got THAT many clothes Glyn! She and your Dad were always so proud of both of you and would be delighted to see how you and your blog (not forgetting the clothes!) are progressing. You’re an inspiration to so many – hold tight to your dreams. Love, Glyn xx

    • Vicky says:

      Hi Glyn, sorry I’ve not been in touch sooner. I’ve not been on here for a while. Thanks for your lovely comment. I will check out what weekends I have free and e-mail to arrange a visit. Much love Vicky xx

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