Dressed for Martin Mere

Today I spent the day at Martin Mere with Lyndon and Isla, I’ve not been there since I was young when I went with Mum and Dad. We had a good walk and were shown round by a tour guide who was very knowledgeable. I also finally got an answer on whether it was fact or myth that a swan can break your arm with one flap of its wing, apparently it’s a myth!

Today I wore a denim jacket from River Island and also my new Grumbi badge made by Pauline. You might just be able to spot Mr and Mrs Grumbi on the bed behind me. Isla and I are getting a bit addicted to Grumbi Dolls, why not check out their home here?

Here’s a few posts from Mum’s diary:
April 3rd Mothers’ Day Went to Vicky’s for Sunday lunch – roast beef etc. A beautiful bunch of tulips arrived from Al first thing – well 8.40 am. A difficult day as Nick is very weak and ill from his treatment. However we managed to have a pleasant time at Vicky and Lyndon’s. Isla was inside her tent when we arrived. It’s really good, even indoors. I wore my bright pink dress with pink and grey leopard print cardi, black patent shoes and pink tweed coat

April 6th Oldham with Olga. Nick too ill to take us in so we got a taxi. A very warm spring-like day, so I wore jeans and my burgundy bouclé jacket. I was too warm even in that, but didn’t want to risk anything lighter in case there was a chill wind. It was breezy but not cold.

April 10th Daisy Nook with Liz. A beautiful, warm and sunny day so we sat outside. I wore black linen trousers, black and white gingham top and black patent ‘ballet’ shoes. Also took black cardi, but didn’t need it in fact I caught the sun on my arms and chest.

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  1. Pauline says:

    The badge is so perfect on you. Thanks for sharing what you wore today and plugging Grumbi Doll’s for us, lovely. xxx

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