Dressed for probate


Every day brings us another day closer to having dealt with the practical side of Mum and Dad’s death. Al and I met in Manchester today to complete probate, so that’s a big part of the administration over. It’s a relief to get things over and done with but at the same time it all makes a surreal situation seem very real. Dealing with the emotional impact of what’s happened is not as easy as filling in forms and jumping through bureaucratic hoops, it’s more like one step forward and three back….but as long as one of the four steps is forward I guess that’s the main thing.

As you’d expect I wore an outfit to cheer me up, my dress is from TKMaxx and shoes from Poetic Licence.

PS Four weeks smoke free!!!

April 17th Palm Sunday Went to church. It was another beautiful day. I wore my grey and pink stripe trousers, pink jacket, grey suède ankle boots, pink gloves and pink and silver scarf.

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  1. Dotty says:

    Glad the practicalities are getting sorted, but I’m sure the emotional side is difficult. I love your dress- very smart!

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