Dressed for A Little Bird Told Me Sew


Here I am at Woodchip Boutique’s new home…A Little Birdie Told Me Sew. I’ve been a big fan of Donna and Kim’s creativity and talent since seeing them at Vintage Village and was lucky enough to have them at our craft fair and my end of challenge celebration. I was very pleased when I heard they were opening their own shop as I just knew it would be my kind of place. So Princess White and I headed over to Preston on Saturday to check it out and we weren’t disappointed!

The shop is a treasure trove of all things vintage, handmade and general prettiness, throw into the mix tea and cake and you have the perfect place to while away an afternoon with friends or your kids. My advice would be to spend a good amount of time browsing as it takes a while to take in all the fabulous displays and range of stock that’s there. Allow me to share some photos with you….

Not only do Donna and Kim handmake a lot of their stock they also encourage others to get the sewing bug, check out these gorgeous buttons and vintage fabric, there are also packs made up with a selection of cute things which could be used to create something unique to you.


When Rachael and I arrived Kim was hard at work on the sewing machine, it’s great to see the products actually being made in front of you.


This is a selection of the gorgeous handmade leather bags that are on offer, I have a lovely one with multi coloured flowers on it and I added a clutch bag to my collection on this trip, I’ll share it with you soon. The brilliant thing is that you can also have things made to your exact specifications, while I was there I put an order in for a cover for my i pad.


I also picked up a cute skirt and lace blouse which will look great over a vest top, at £10 and £15 respectively you just can’t beat it


The attention to detail in the way the shop is decorated also adds to the experience….there’s even a space for the kids to play.



It wont surprise you to hear that Rachael and I indulged in tea and cake as well.


With plans to start sewing classes soon I know A Little Birdie Told Me Sew is just going to go from strength to strength. Why not like their Facebook page so you can keep up to date on products and events?

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  1. Dotty says:

    The new shop looks like a treasure trove! How lovely that the sewing machines are set up so you can see the creators at work. Lots to see by the looks of things:)

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