Spread the Grumbi love….

I think you all know by now that Isla and I are a little bit addicted to Grumbi Dolls. Just take a look at our collection….

Mr and Mrs Grumbi

Isla with Fairy, Vintage and Rudolph Grumbi

My Grumbi badge

Pauline Ng is Grumbi Doll’s Mum and she has been successful in getting to the next stage of Enterprise Nation’s Fund 101…..read all about it here The Grumbi’s need 500 votes when voting opens later today so keep checking in on this page and cast your vote as soon as it opens. Let’s spread the Grumbi love and help Isla and I extend our collection ;-) x

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One Response to Spread the Grumbi love….

  1. Pauline says:

    This is amazing, thanks for your support Vicky. xxx

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