On Saturday Isla and I attended a lovely tea party held by Emily from Olive&Em. Olive&Em is a vintage crockery hire business run by my lovely friend Emily Bowyer, named after her Grandmother Olive. On her website she shares her love of all things vintage and her finds from local charity shops. I asked Emily to tell me a little bit about her business so grab a cup of tea and read on….


I’ve loved vintage fashion for a good few years now experimenting with what I wear and always adoring the 40s/50s style but I’m branching into earlier eras now especially the 20s and 30s. I like to mix what I wear with modern finds so that there is a contemporary feel. So my love for vintage fashion led me to a vintage inspired wedding which is where the love and the obsession with vintage crockery came in :-) I hunted high and low all over the country for tea pots to have as the centre pieces for our wedding and I guess after that I just kept going and started to branch out into other areas, tea sets, plates etc… Lots of people have asked to borrow the sets and tea pots so I thought what better way to advertise than through a blog.

Ive always adored charity shops, never being put off my the smell or the disorder in some shops, I’m always looking for a bargin, the more of a vintage find the better. I am so so pleased that charity shops are really starting to grab hold of their potential. I think we should all recycle and charity shops are a great way to do this and help others. It also makes me feel a little less bad about how much a spend on clothes, crockery and homeware when its all from a charity shop – its going to a good cause :-) I loved the idea of sharing my finds with the world and seeing what people thought… showing people the potential of charity shops.

So the reason behind Olive & Em is really for me to write about all the vintage loveliness that keeps me up at night thinking and gets me excited when the day job ( teaching) starts to get a little too much. My recent move into sewing is another hobby that I am so excited about, its just so satisfying creating something so orginal :-) Also I love learning a new skill, all helped along by my lovely mum.

Isla and I had a lovely afternoon and as you can see the cakes provided by Helena from Chocolate Cake Cottage were a big hit with Isla….


Emily has enough crockery to seat sixty people and her collection is growing by the day,so look no further if you would like to give a vintage feel to your function.

Thanks for a great afternoon Emily I can’t wait for the next tea party xxx

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2 Responses to Introducing….Olive&Em

  1. Emily Bowyer says:

    LOVE the blog, thank you sweetie, such a fab write up :-) So fun to hang out and looking forward to vintage village next week. much lovexxxx

  2. Dotty says:

    It looks wonderful- such a great idea

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