Stir Up Sunday

It was Stir Up Sunday yesterday, the last Sunday before Advent and traditionally the day people make their Christmas Puddings. Many’s the year that I’ve helped Mum make the Christmas Pudding, in fact Mum and Dad always said I was a stirrer! So in the spirit of passing on traditions, Isla and I stirred up our Christmas Cake, yeah I know it’s not a pudding but you have to put your own stamp on traditions. As you can see from the photo the best part was, as ever, licking the whisk. This recipe is from Mary Berry’s Christmas cook book and we will be feeding the cake some sherry over the next couple of weeks.


The only thing about Christmas Cake is you only find out how good, or bad, it is when you cut it on Christmas Day so keep your fingers crossed. This is how it’s looking now it has been baked, I think it might be a little dark? Although that shouldn’t matter as Isla has some very elaborate plans for how we’re going to decorate it, which included a rigorous voting process on Friday evening. Watch this space! Xx


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  1. Kim says:

    Looks scrummy! Hope you both are well! Kx

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