The Gift of Giving

With Christmas on its way I’ve been giving gifts a lot of thought, picking some up for friends, family and of course a few for me ;-) Today I’ve been thinking about gifts in their widest sense and that what you inherit is a gift, both the material and the less tangible things like memories and qualities. So instead of focusing on the absence of Christmas presents and more importantly presence from my Mum and Dad, I’m choosing to use these weeks to make the most of the gifts they gave me.


One of the material things I inherited from Mum was her collection of Hermès scarves. Dad liked to treat Mum at Christmas and she was often the last one to finish opening her presents. This was one of six that he bought her (he never did anything by halves!) I have four of them and she gave me strict instructions to give the other two to Ruby and her cousin Pamela. When it comes to scarves it is undeniable that Hermès are the don of the silk scarf. You could almost be tempted to frame them they’re that beautiful.



What I love about scarves is their versatility and I was lucky enough to also inherit Mum’s accompanying book which gives you no less than thirty seven different ways to use your scarf including shrug, sling and bum bag!! This is the one I chose today so brace yourself for the other thirty six coming your way ;-)


PS If you’re ever passing along King Street in Manchester it’s always worth a glance in Hermès window to see what the scarf of the month is x

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