Mum’s Martini Dress


A couple of years ago Mum and I went to a great Vintage Fair at The Armitage Centre in Fallowfield and I encouraged Mum to buy this amazing dress on an impulse. I’m not sure what decade it originates from but it is definitely handmade. When we got it home Mum tried it on but wasn’t totally happy with the style of the dress and found it a little unflattering. There were two main problems with it….

1) The dress has a drop waist, as you can see from the picture below the belt loop is where the waist should be but the skirt part falls a little lower. This did not look good on Mum or me!


2) We both felt the neck line was neither one thing or the other and it didn’t do anything to enhance the dress or the woman inside it.


For a couple of years it languished in my wardrobe waiting for me to make the necessary alterations and it’s only now that I’ve finally got round to paying it the attention it deserves.
I started by detaching the skirt from the top of the dress and then attached it to a thick piece of black elastic. I then removed the belt loops and opened up the neck to a V rather than a slash. Hey presto one beautiful full skirt….

….and a funky little top with a more flattering neck line. The best thing is that I can wear the two together and it still looks like a dress – the best of both worlds :-)

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4 Responses to Mum’s Martini Dress

  1. Anne Clifford says:

    Brilliant Vicky, your Mum would be over the moon. Both the skirt and top look smashing.

  2. It looks really great as two separates. Plus it means you can mix and match and get more wear out of both – nice job!

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