National Libraries Day


I’ve just found out it’s National Library’s Day today and I couldn’t let it go unmarked. Both my Mum and Dad were librarians, in fact they met on their library course in their late teens/early twenties. Mum went back to her career as a librarian after she had brought up me and Alex, and became the School Librarian at Our Lady’s in Royton. She stayed there for twenty five years until she retired in December 2010 and the above photo was taken by me on her last day. Mum loved a good display and Christmas provided her with no end of literary inspiration. Check out a couple of 2010′s displays below….








In my opinion Mum was an excellent school librarian, fostering a love of books and a thirst for knowledge in the students. Her library also provided a safe haven for young people who didn’t always feel part of school life.

Mum didn’t drive so one of my favourite things to do was to turn up at her library and surprise her with a lift home. I can still see her face as she spotted me and the delight on her face at the thought of not having to get the bus!! Ah the simple things.

If you or your children aren’t members of a library, I’d encourage you to rectify this immediately! Especially if you live in Oldham as we have an excellent library, life long learning centre and gallery with lot of free activities.

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