A vintage haul

Yesterday I had a lovely time meeting up with friends and perusing the wares at Stockport’s Vintage Village. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I last went, but even though it had been so long they hadn’t forgotten about me and I got a lovely warm welcome from Sarah and my favourite stall holders. The day was made even better by the haul I came back with, allow me talk you through it…

My first stop was at the cake genius Stuart Thornley’s stall to pick up my mini cupcakes. At this point I’ll let Isla demonstrate the four stages of cake consumption…

Image 11-02-2013 at 14.10


I then completed the fifth stage later in the evening. Whoops!!






After a coffee with Dotty aka Michelle we joined forces and went spotting vintage beauties together. We found this lovely jacket on Lost But Never Forgotten’s stall. One of my favourite parts of any visit to VV is calling in for a chat with Emma from LBNF – she’s a real cutie! Emma and her pals also run Show Us Your Threads on ASOS market place.

Lost but not forgotten jacket copy

We then strolled across to Room At The Top to visit All Mod Cons as I wanted to purchase a vintage phone. It’s the same kind of phone that we had at Mum and Dad’s and they make me feel all nostalgic. They had all different colours but not exactly what I was looking for so I’m popping back to choose between a two tone green phone or pink and cream when they’re ready. I’m leaning towards the pink one at the moment. Just click here to see how the phones are restored by Mr Mod Cons and check out the orange and cream one below…what do you think?

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Another coffee with Paula and Terry warmed me up a treat and off I went again finding a lovely tan saddle bag  for £10 and a Christmas plate which will be part of this year’s displays.

Untitled copy

Last but certainly not least was the find of the day, a pair of the most luxurious maroon velvet trousers from Biba, they cost me…..wait for it…..a mere £10, I couldn’t believe it. They zip up, just, it’s a tight squeeze at the moment however they will provide me with the perfect incentive to carry on my healthier eating and exercise.

Biba trousers copy

Roll on next month :-) xx

NB Amendment to price of plate – £5 rather than £10.

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4 Responses to A vintage haul

  1. What a fab haul! That jacket looks lovely, but as you hint at, the Biba trousers steal the show. Love the colour, the mnaterial, and the fact they’re Biba – great find!


  2. Dotty says:

    Wow- you got some great buys! The plate is really cute. It was lovely to catch up with you, but I don’t think I tried hard enough with the purchases, only buying a handful of buttons! Will have to do better next time

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