To Satchel or Zatchel….

…that is the question! Mothers Day is a mere two weeks away and in an attempt to make it a little more bearable than last year I’m planning my present to myself. I’ve been fancying a satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company for a while but then around Valentines Day this caught my eye from Zatchels.

red-and-white-hearts_recolouredSo now it’s started off a full scale research project into which to purchase and I need some help making my decision. Of course the leopard print Zatchels have caught my eye…






but then again so have the pastel shades in the Cambridge Satchel range and given that I’m planning peach for my Spring/Summer hair colour they would go perfectly!


Last but not least I’m not sure I can resist this for a certain Hello Kitty fan in my life.


Hello Kitty Barrel Bag – Zatchels

So help me out folks….which should it be? xx



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4 Responses to To Satchel or Zatchel….

  1. Dotty says:

    Oo tricky decision! I love the peach one, but I think the leopard print ones are very “you” and I wonder if they might go with more….Have fun deciding x

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