Dressed for a decision made

Well thanks for all your comments folks, after great deliberation I’m going for ….. peach (or honeysuckle as CSC call it). I reckon if I’m going to dye my hair peach, sorry honeysuckle, I may as well get the bag to match! After all I’m never knowingly under co-ordinated ;-)

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This morning I donned a skirt I had bought from Oxfam Original on Oldham St yesterday for £8.99. Again I was inspired by thoughts of Spring and thought the flowers and colours would go with the new hair colour too….
…..however as there was no sign of Spring in the air today I wore it with a black polo-neck and boots.


Black Poloneck - Marks and Spencer

Black Leather Biker Jacket - Mango

Skirt - Oxfam Original

Boots - ALDO

Bag - Vivienne Westwood

Wired Head Scarf - Lost But Never Forgotten @Vintage Village

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4 Responses to Dressed for a decision made

  1. Cara Codd says:

    Love the colour, bag and the hair is amazing. Wish I’d seen it first. It will look amazing on you!

  2. Dotty says:

    The peach satchel will look great with that hair colour- it is gorgeous:)
    Lovely skirt too- I think a little bit of sunshine makes us all feel inspired!

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