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A dress transformed into a scarf; a vintage dress made to fit like a glove; my daughter’s favourite top transformed into a new bag (which she loves!!!). Is there something languishing in your wardrobe, let me breathe new life into it by turning it into something new. Take a look at my projects and message me on to discuss your individual requirements.

Mum’s Martini Dress

A couple of years ago Mum and I went to a great Vintage Fair at The Armitage Centre in Fallowfield and I encouraged Mum to buy this amazing dress on an impulse. I’m not sure what decade it originates from … Continue reading

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Exhibition piece

Here’s the answer guys, this is my exhibition piece which I’ll be dropping off with Alia tomorrow morning. The gorgeous Ashleigh was roped into modelling it as she called at Sue’s just before I left. The idea behind the piece … Continue reading

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What do you get when you cross a leather jacket with a leopard print top?

Well the answer to that is my exhibition piece! Following on from my interview on the craftworks website I am now preparing my exhibition piece. As the project is about recycled and ethical products I decided to use a leather … Continue reading

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Pam’s dress

Pam, my friend from work, posted on her Facebook Wall “Does anyone know someone who can alter a dress?” Of course I had to respond with “Yes, me!” Pam had a lovely black dress but just wanted a few minor alterations … Continue reading

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Princess Isla Bag!

I often feel bad that I don’t make enough things for my little girl, I’m always so busy getting orders ready, building up stock for craft fairs and dare I say it, making myself a dress! Isla had a stripy … Continue reading

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Dress transformed into a scarf

Paula, my friend from work, happened to mention that she would really like a leopard print scarf. The previous night my sewing teacher, Carole, had given me a pattern for a neck ring. Neck rings are basically a tube of … Continue reading

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Coming soon…

Keep your eye on this part of the site I will be uploading blogs and photographs very soon

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